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Sustainable Inside and Out

At Genovation Cars, we are committed to building vehicles that are as green as possible while not jeopardizing vehicle safety. One of our primary objectives is to reduce the use of petrochemicals and energy used to make our cars. 

Some of the sustainable parts we intend to use are commercially available off the shelf. These include seats made with soy-based foam. Where traditional tires usually require up to 5 gallons of oil for production, we have found tires made from natural rubber infused with small amounts of orange peel oil, a byproduct of the beverage industry. The batteries we plan to use are the most stable lithium battery chemistry on the market and are 100% non-toxic. They can be reused for stationary backup power before eventually being recycled. We have also found companies that manufacture automotive grade carpeting from recycled plastic bottles. Other car manufacturers will not use this carpeting because it is not possible to maintain satisfactory color consistency from car to car. We view this as a positive; that it makes each vehicle we sell slightly unique.

Other areas where we are exploring sustainability are more experimental. Testing on some materials has already been conducted and all potential options will be explored in a carefully conducted and scientific manner. We are studying the possibility of using composite materials made from natural, non-toxic and renewable products, such as, soy-based resins rather than petrochemical resins and natural fibers made from basalt (derived from volcanic rock), jute, bamboo and burlap for trim pieces and body panels. Customers will have the option to order seat fabric made from wool.

Our factories are being designed to rely less on energy intensive robots and more on a skilled labor force. While this approach may increase some costs, these costs will be offset in other areas, such as; the elimination of expensive, energy and water intensive paint factories by adding color to the body panels during the composite manufacturing process. Also, great effort went into designing the G2 car frame to be manufactured using the maximum number of aluminum extrusions rather than expensive and energy intensive castings and stampings.  Factories will be designed to take advantage of passive solar heating. Underground chillers will be employed to cool the factory in the summer. Grants will be used to finance wind and/or solar power generation for Genovation’s