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Genovation is building cars that meet and exceed federal safety standards. We are exploring safety issues critical in electric cars that have not made it into law yet and hope to be a major contributor to the industry in this area. Our cars will be both environmentally friendly and safe; there will be no compromise.

One of the benefits of designing the G2 from scratch rather than retrofitting an existing platform is the ability to locate the batteries between the front and rear axles and as low in the vehicle as possible.  This provides the car with a very low center of gravity, increasing stability while reducing the moment of inertia (less body roll and/or pitch).  The battery tray is also mounted inside the car’s main frame rails and below the frame in order to better protect the occupants.

Electric powered cars are silent. They can be energized and ready to move without the usual noise of a gasoline engine idling. Owners of conventional cars pick up these audible signals unconsciously and know the car is potentially dangerous. Therefore, we have introduced a safety management system to warn the driver when creating dangerous situations such as leaving the drivers seat or opening the hood when the car is powered up and ready to move

In case of airbag deployment the battery pack deactivated and is automatically separated into smaller segments; each of which is 72V or less. This reduces the risk to passengers and public safety services.  Also in the case of airbag deployment, the hazard light will activate, the windows will roll down and the doors will unlock to allow rescue workers quick access to the occupants.

  • Other safety features that will be integrated into our vehicles include:
  • Antilock, dual circuit braking system
  • Run flat tires
  • Front, rear and center lap/shoulder belts for 4 passengers
  • Child seat anchors
  • Seat belt pretensioners
  • Adjustable upper anchor front belts
  • Active head restraints
  • Driver and passenger front airbags and seat mounted side airbags
  • SecuriLock ignition, a system requiring an intelligent key before the car can be activated
  • A system of interlocks that prevent the car from being powered up unintentionally
  • Batteries with a proven safety record
  • Redundant safety system of fuses with both manual and automatic breaker switches
  • A brake pedal cut-off switch that removes power from the traction motor
  • A charger interlock safety system that prevents the car from being started while plugged in
  • Optional Xenon headlights
  • Auto dimming rearview mirror
  • Tire pressure sensors
  • Optional built in child seat