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Genovation Cars featured on PBS MotorWeek

We were honored to recently be featured on PBS’ award winning weekly automotive series, MotorWeek. Now in its 31st season, the series stopped by The Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel at the University of Maryland for a segment on the aerodynamic efficiency of automobiles. Cameras were rolling as Genovation’s G2 underwent a battery of tests designed to determine the vehicles drag, fuel efficiency, and potential for wind noise. Although the segment stops short of revealing the final results, we were incredibly pleased with the findings. If produced, the Genovation G2 would have a CD of .20 and excellent downforce and aerodynamic stability, making the G2 one of the most aerodynamic vehicles on the road today.

The full episode can be viewed below, with the wind tunnel segment beginning at 8:45.

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Recent Coverage in The National Business Review

Genovation was recently covered in New Zealand's National Business Review as part of our U.S. State Department-sponsored speaking tour of New Zealand and Australia. The full text of the article is below!

The Future Car—Too Good to Be True, For Now
By David Williams

Green car dominance over petrol rivals might be “decades” away, a US electric company chief executive says.

Genovation chief executive Andrew Saul is on a U.S. State Department-sponsored speaking tour of New Zealand and Australia to promote green energy innovation, as the U.S. hatches plans to replace its aging coal power plants with cleaner-burning natural gas.

However, Mr. Saul’s company has shelved its green, eco-friendly car until a further $US125 million ($N.Z.149 million) can be raised to complete it. No that isn’t a misprint: it’s how much the company says is needs to see this through to a…

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U.S. Embassy in Wellington Interviews Saul

As you know from our posts on Facebook and some of the recent items we've been posting on our website, Genovation Cars CEO and founder, Andrew Saul, recently spent a week in New Zealand as part of a tour of Oceania, which included Australia. Andrew visited Auckland and Wellington talking electric cars to academics, industry stakeholders and students. The U.S. Embassy in Wellington took some time to spreak with Andrew about the future of electric cars, green tech jobs and more.

You can enjoy the full interview here:

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An Update From the CEO

So far, the year 2012 has been a mixed bag for the plug-in market. On the downside, we’ve seen the downfall of Aptera, Bright Automotive and Think, while battery companies A123 and Enerdel declared bankruptcy. Sales of the Nissan Leaf have fallen off the cliff. There is even talk of ending government subsidies.

On the upside, sales of plug-ins through September are up 178% to 31,113 compared to 2011 with the Chevy Volt leading the pack. The car reviews of the Tesla Model S from mass media and car magazines have been outstanding. Something I can personally attest to having recently driven a Model S. I was thoroughly impressed; driving it was like being in a science fiction movie.  When you consider that the performance model ran neck and neck with a new BMW M5 in a recent 0-100 MPH test and that it…

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News Coverage of Our Wind Tunnel Testing

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, but we've been keeping very busy. As the latest press coverage in the news section indicates, we've recently been awarded a grant by the University of Maryland MIPS program (read more about MIPS here) for $135,000 that will help fund our aerodynamics testing, which has already begun at the University of Maryland. We're excited about the progress we've made and we hope you'll check back here, or sign up for our e-news by entering your name and email address in fields to the left of this page. 

Thank you,

Andrew Saul


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