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The Team

The Genovation Team is comprised of a small yet very capable group of engineers and automotive experts that are committed to building world class products.  In order to achieve this goal, Genovation has banded with a group of large companies with extensive automotive expertise, one of which has supplied OEMs with parts for over 100 years.  These large companies are steeped in Detroit and European automotive know how and have assisted Genovation in developing a very robust design and production plan. 

At the same time, we have also teamed with a number of smaller technology companies that, like Genovation, bring a fresh approach to innovation in the automotive sector.  The combination of large and small, of traditional and new team members has resulted in a fresh, cutting edge green car, the G2. 

Executive Management

Andrew Saul, Founder & CEO

Andrew has ten years of experience in research and development in the area of internal combustion engine technologies. He earned degrees in Economics and History from Villanova University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

Andrew worked as a credit analyst early in his banking career. Later, he helped manage a special assets portfolio. Additionally, he assisted in the design and implementation of customer retention and branch expansion strategies. Subsequently, Andrew worked as the President and CEO of several research and development companies working to develop more efficient and cleaner combustion engine technologies with the assistance of the University of Maryland’s Mechanical Engineering Department.

On December 10, 2010, Mr. Saul was featured in an article in the Washington Business Journal regarding the development of Genovation Cars’ plug-in green automobile, the G2. Mr. Saul was also interviewed for an article in The Daily Record news publication on September 20, 2010. As a member of The Society of Automotive Engineers, Andrew recently participated in a webinar regarding the innovative engineering approach used to develop the G2.

Steven Rogers, Co-Founder, President & CTO

Steve is a consultant with Redstones LLC where he heads up the Product and Innovation practice. He has 10 years experience working with various small to medium size high tech companies assisting in raising capital and bringing new products to market.

Steve has had a 35-year career in various high tech businesses. He graduated from Manchester University in the UK with a combined honors degree in Physics and Electronics and started his career in a lab as a circuit designer. Since then he has held roles in system engineering, product management, marketing and general management. At one point in his career he was Vice President of technology for a major telecom equipment vendor with over 300 engineers reporting to him. Later as GM of a major division he was responsible for a $1.3B P&L.

In his assignment at Genovation Cars he has taken a lead role in defining the business strategy, writing the business plan and designing the electrical systems of the company’s vehicles.

Robert Irby, Co-Founder, Chief of Manufacturing and Operations

Robert has worked as a Senior Technician for several research and development companies.  He fabricated numerous prototype parts and assisted in the assembly and testing of prototype combustion engines.  Robert has extensive experience repairing, servicing, restoring and racing Porsches, BMWs and exotic automobiles.

Robert attended the Corcoran College of Art and Design prior to working as an independent photographer.  Subsequently he worked as Photography Director for a European magazine and as a website developer and manager.  Prior to his work in the publishing business, he worked in the US Refugee Processing Center in Frankfurt Germany as a Refugee Administrator.

Advisory Board

Greg Jackson, Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park

Dr. Jackson currently serves as an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Fuel Cell and Fuel Cell Systems: Prof. Jackson has established the Reacting Flow Laboratory, and in collaboration with colleagues in the Dept. of Chemistry, he co-directs the Center for Fuel Cell Research. His principal areas of research are in the areas of solid oxide fuel cells, hydrocarbon processing for fuel cell applications, PEM fuel cell system modeling, and catalyst development for electrochemical and other energy conversion systems.  Dr. Jackson also has done research in ultra-low emissions premixed combustion systems

Managed University of Maryland’s project on fuel cell bus, lead research projects on catalytic combustion and hydrogen generation for automobile fuel cell applications; developer of patented ignitors/glow plugs for gas turbines and diesel engines.  Developer of CFD models for reaction flows; 4 years of research and development in industry related to combustion in gas turbines and IC engines; member of University of Maryland’s Graduate Automotive Technology Education, teacher graduate level course on IC engines, leader of active research program in combustion and reaction flows.

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University January 1994
Ph.D. Dissertation: Spherically Symmetric Droplet Combustion of Sooting and Multi-component Fuels
Minors in Chemical Engineering and Control Systems
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University January 1991
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Rice University May 1988

Jason Heron, Peachtree Power

Jason is also CEO of Peachtree Power Inc. who are currently engaged in Solar, biofuel and hydrogen technology development. Jason has over fifteen years of experience in new product development and market commercialization. His career started in high volume battery manufacturing where he held engineering and management roles within Quality, Sales, Engineering and New Product Development. Within that industry Jason was responsible for the startup of the world’s first high volume Lithium Polymer battery production line.

More recently Jason’s career branched into renewable energy, where he was part of the team that developed the ENV, the first hydrogen powered motorcycle.

Jason holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management (UK), a Post Graduate Diploma in Quality & Reliability and an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Degree from the University of Abertay, Dundee(UK).

Lee Benson, All Pro Cars, Inc.

Lee Benson is the owner of All Pro Cars, Inc., an authorized Shelby America Dealer. A Master Fabricator, Mr. Benson has constructed more than 100 Cobra vehicles and has over 25 years experience designing, building and modifying performance street cars and race cars.  All Pro Cars is the exclusive licensee to produce Shelby Daytona Coupes.

Douglas Nelson, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Douglas J. Nelson received the B.S.M.E. degree in 1978 and the M.S.M.E. degree in 1979 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He then worked for two years as a systems engineer for Exxon Corporation, Solar Thermal Systems Division before returning to full-time graduate study. He received the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in 1986 where he worked on research applied to open cycle solar absorption cooling systems.

He is currently Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Fuel Cell Systems, Hydrogen Energy Systems, Advanced Technology Vehicles and Design. He is the co-director of the Dept. of Energy GATE Center for Automotive Fuel Cell Systems, a multidisciplinary graduate automotive engineering program that focuses on technologies critical to the development of fuel efficient/low-emission vehicles. He has expertise in modeling, testing, and validation of a fuel cell and hybrid and electric vehicles and components. He is also working on hydrogen energy systems and well to-wheels analysis of transportation fuels. He consults for industry on the design and simulation of hybrid and electric vehicles.

John H. Hornbostel, Director of Business Development, Dana Holding Corporation

John has worked in business development within the global automotive supply industry for more than 25 yrs. His experience includes management of and participation in cross-functional, global customer focused teams for development of engine, chassis and drivetrain product opportunities.

John also brings a global perspective and knowledge of the vehicle industry based on development of long-term face-to-face relationships with industry leading OEM’s, suppliers and joint venture partner companies.

His passion for all things automotive includes a steady list of classic car restoration projects as well as the occasional vintage sports car race.