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Genovation’s objective is to provide its customers with safe, sustainable automobiles that do not compromise their driving independence.  The long-term goal of the company is to be the premier provider of green automobiles in the US.  Genovation will accomplish this by offering automobiles that combine cutting edge green technology with very lightweight and aerodynamic frames and bodies.  Vehicles will be available with an optional range-extending generator powered by a gasoline/bio-ethanol or bio-butanol engine.  Future models may be fitted with diesel/biodiesel options. 

In recent years, several issues have converged to create a demand for the kind of vehicle Genovation is building:

  • Climate change due to high carbon dioxide emissions is now a widely accepted fact.  As a global community we must all take whatever actions we can to reduce harmful greenhouse gasses.  A recent report by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) shows that the optimum vehicle technology that minimizes emissions and maximizes use of renewable energy sources is the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).
  • There has been an increase in the awareness of the negative effects of air pollution, especially on the young and old.   The World Health Organization has estimated that up to 2.4 million people a year die from causes directly attributed to air pollution.  Research has shown a correlation between air pollution and the incidences of asthma particularly among children.
  • Oil prices continue to rise as world-wide demand accelerates and the supply of easily accessible oil diminishes.  The US is the world’s largest consumer of oil and would be crippled if any major foreign supplier significantly decreased production.  Rising prices together with a tenuous supply chain combine to make it a national security issue.

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